Our Mission

OfficialDaminiProjectLogoSMWe strive to change the current climate and culture of rape and violent sexual crimes that plagues the global community. Our game plan is three-fold:
  1. Help Women discover their inner strength and teach them to express it verbally, mentally, emotionally and physically;
  2. Help individuals discover, define, and clearly understand their personal boundaries so that they are able to adjust them or defend them as they need; and,
  3. Help victims of previous abuse break the cycle of abuse by instilling genuine self-confidence and teaching them the difference between the false bravado gained from subjugating another individual and the true inner strength gained from self-love and self-worth.
In doing so, we hope to help our brothers and sisters, worldwide, to change attitudes about oppression, objectification, and subjugation of their fellow man, and therefore shift the perception, making rape culture a thing of the past.